2nd experimental journey 08.04-26.04 2024

Dear global family of life artists! This is the open call for the second LAFRIonArt&Beyond experimental journey.

This 2nd experimental journey will take place from the 8th till the 26th of April 2024 around the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea , in Greece. On board ΛΑΦΡΗ / LAFRI. It’ll set sails in Syros on the 8th of April, and finish in Andros on the 26th, with 2 more main stops: Amorgos(Katapola) on the 14th and Naxos on the 22nd.
It is possible to join for the whole stretch, or partly.

An experimental LoA&B journey is a journey that focuses on researching the communal on-board creativity and how this can manifest. It’s about the co inspiring and interacting with other creative individuals. And how this interaction can lay foundations on further creating/producing/developing social and personal skills and tools that can assist our human collective mind towards a truly (r)evolutionary direction.

We invite people from all kinds of creative fields to join forces for one more experimental journey with Lafri.

The experimental journeys are an initiating process for people eager to get involved with the LoA&B project(s). These journeys are a way to allow participants to get acquainted with communal life onboard , and how this can translate to creativity. They are an opportunity for artists and all sorts of creatives to research their own instructor’s potential, with the possibility to host in the future their own workshops onboard LAFRI.

All the participants on an experimental journey are Lafri-onArt&Beyond future workshop instructors!

Therefore we ask of the applying candidates to present an idea of a workshop they would be willing to co-host and co-organize with us.


Duration 5 to 18 overnights.

All expenses & duties will be shared among the crew.

expenses to be shared: boat, fuel, water, food, port fees

duties: cleaning, cooking, helping the skipper with sailing the boat, “captaining” creative methods and ideas to the group.

for 4-6 persons +Skipper Nikolas Piperas

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