Lena Dewaegenaere

Lena Dewaegenaere (1989) is a Brussels-based artist interested in visual narratives and the sensitivity of images. She obtained a master’s degree in audiovisual arts at RITSC Brussels in 2011 and a postgraduate diploma in fine arts (painting) at the University of Cape Town in 2019.

She is mainly active as a painter and documentary filmmaker. Her paintings are influenced by the visual language of film and vice versa.

Through the images she creates, she examines how to make an impact with the least or just the right amount of visual elements.

The main thematic interest in her artistic practice is people and how they relate to a certain place or a moment in time. She is exploring real space and time versus mental space and time. Her work speaks about longing and belonging, interpretation, and ways of experiencing and seeing things. In her work, she questions our perception of things and the different realities in perceiving.