di~vento LAFRI

Art presentation, dance workshop, at Koinsep.Androu
Free entrance.

In the temple of Apollo, we let the blinding sun reveal our names; we’re being consulted by Athena, who responds by giving us a stone. Its warmth transforms our skin. We become something else. Our mouths are mirrored in the cave, and our voice becomes the breath of the wind.
Across a tongue of sand, we orchestrate the infinite trajectories of the wind. In the contact, in the vortex, on the water’s surface.
Our pelvis as a boat
back as a mast
arms as sails
hands as fins
gaze on the horizon.
What is the rope that keeps us on earth, what is the rope that frees us? What is the rope we want to cut? Rebuild? Which rope do we cling on to? Which rope do we bind ourselves with?
As a group, we become an organism.
Through winds and waves, we become LAFRI.
On June 15, a group of five artists embarks on the creative expedition “The Urge of Being,” under the artistic guidance of Daniela Marcozzi, onboard the sailing boat LAFRI with its captain Nikolas Piperas.
This performance is the result of the collaboration between

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater
Lafri on Art and Beyond.

Alessandra di Domizio
Ilaria Di Maio
Rosalba Limonciello
Teresa Simeoni
Daniela Marcozzi