di~vento LAFRI

Art presentation, dance workshop, at Koinsep.Androu
Free entrance.

In the temple of Apollo, we let the blinding sun reveal our names; we’re being consulted by Athena, who responds by giving us a stone. Its warmth transforms our skin. We become something else. Our mouths are mirrored in the cave, and our voice becomes the breath of the wind.
Across a tongue of sand, we orchestrate the infinite trajectories of the wind. In the contact, in the vortex, on the water’s surface.
Our pelvis as a boat
back as a mast
arms as sails
hands as fins
gaze on the horizon.
What is the rope that keeps us on earth, what is the rope that frees us? What is the rope we want to cut? Rebuild? Which rope do we cling on to? Which rope do we bind ourselves with?
As a group, we become an organism.
Through winds and waves, we become LAFRI.
On June 15, a group of five artists embarks on the creative expedition “The Urge of Being,” under the artistic guidance of Daniela Marcozzi, onboard the sailing boat LAFRI with its captain Nikolas Piperas.
This performance is the result of the collaboration between

Marcozzi Contemporary Theater
Lafri on Art and Beyond.

Alessandra di Domizio
Ilaria Di Maio
Rosalba Limonciello
Teresa Simeoni
Daniela Marcozzi



As we collectively move towards the uncharted territories of a new phase of “humans-on-earth” reality, LoA&B seeks to construct sane narratives that will balance out the insanity of the switch we are experiencing. The natural habit(at)s of all creatures are under pressure to either evolve, migrate, or face extinction. It is a threshold and whoever is lucky/unlucky enough to be alive at these times has also the capacity to witness and influence this change.

We call upon all kinds of creative minds that feel in alignment with this invitation to share time, experience, knowledge, dreams, aspirations, in an attempt to co create a better understanding of this uncharted new era we are entering. 

THE URGE OF BEING (2) 29.6-6.7.2024 IS ON!!

Dear friends of Marcozzi Contemporary Theater,

Daniela here!

Some weeks ago, I and my partners in crime “LAFRI on art and beyond” launched the call for “The Urge of Being” on the sea, creative expedition and workshop on the sailing boat LAFRI in Greece. 

I am very happy to announce that we are ready to go!
The group is formed and we are organizing the expedition! 🙂

We received a lot of interest for this project by many people, so we decided to launch a second call for the “coming back” expedition from 29.06.2024 to 06.07.2024!!


We are like the spider.
We weave our life and then move along in it.
We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives in the dream.

-the upanishads

This is a week-long workshop aimed at dreamers of all kinds, wherein we shall attempt to trace the ancient thread that weaves the natural element of water to dreaming, and to allow ourselves to be claimed by the voices of the non-human intelligences of Syros island.

A truth generally accepted in the sailing community is that the sway of a boat and the sounds of the water licking it tend to facilitate deeper dreaming; sailors report more vivid, vibrant dreams, with a hint of the numinous peeking through. Broken down to its fundamentals, a sailing voyage can be experienced as a play between the velocity of air and the mobility of water.

THE URGE OF BEING 16-26.06.2024 IS ON!

The urge of Being is a creative expedition and workshop on the sailing boat Lafri.
It is open to performing artists and artists of all genres, creatives and researchers.
The expedition included an initial dry-land workshop in Athens, a sailing week in the Cyclades archipelago on Lafri Boat and a final dry-land workshop with a public presentation in Andros island.

11 days creative expedition on a sailing boat
International creative expedition and workshop by Daniela Marcozzi /Marcozzi Contemporary Theater (Italy / Berlin)
in collaboration with “LAFRIonArt&Beyond”, a “sailing and art” project created by the skipper and artist Nikolas Piperas.


Dear Adventurous Souls,

Embark on an unparalleled 10-day journey of artistic exploration and maritime adventure with Calderone’s Sailing and Physical Theater Residency, blending the realms of Sailing and Theater Arts. Led by stage director, actress, and acting instructor Mary Maragoudaki, this unique expedition offers a transformative experience where creativity knows no bounds. Join like-minded individuals from around the globe as we set sail to explore the enchanting landscapes of Andros, Gyaros, Syros, Delos, and Tinos. Immerse yourself in daily reflections, collaborative workshops, and the creation of a final performance, culminating in a celebration with the local community upon our return. Whether you’re an experienced sailor, a passionate performer, or a creative soul seeking new horizons, this journey promises to ignite your spirit and leave an indelible mark on your artistic journey.

What to Expect:

🌊 Sailing and Exploration: Embark on an unforgettable journey starting from Andros, Gyaros, Syros, Delos, and Tinos. Explore secluded beaches, tranquil coves, and revel in nights beneath the celestial canopy – an enchanting fusion of sailing bliss.



Dear artists, adventurous souls, pirates and friends,

I hope you are doing well and I have a proposal for you all.

A video poem is a form of video-art that transforms words into images and that also translates written feelings into short experimental videos.

We will start this adventure by making creative writing exercises, to open our hearts and minds to the immensity of the sea so we can be more in touch with our inner feelings. There is no strict form, our aim is to have a free flow of our words and find the best way to express ourselves.


Dear global family of life artists! This is the open call for the second LAFRIonArt&Beyond experimental journey.

This 2nd experimental journey will take place from the 8th till the 26th of April 2024 around the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea , in Greece. On board ΛΑΦΡΗ / LAFRI. It’ll set sails in Syros on the 8th of April, and finish in Andros on the 26th, with 2 more main stops: Amorgos(Katapola) on the 14th and Naxos on the 22nd.
It is possible to join for the whole stretch, or partly.

An experimental LAFRIonArt&Beyond journey is a journey that focuses on researching the communal on-board creativity and how this can manifest. It’s about the co inspiring and interacting with other creative individuals. And how this interaction can lay foundations on further creating/producing/developing social and personal skills and tools that can assist our human collective mind towards a truly (r)evolutionary direction.

We invite people from all kinds of creative fields to join forces for one more experimental journey with Lafri.

Open Call for the Northern Aegean Sea Circle special edition

Aegean Cargo Sailing and ΛΑΦΡΗ / LAFRI join forces to create an extraordinary sailing adventure for the summer 2024.

Northern Aegean Sea Circle special edition

This summer, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable journey that is not just a sailing adventure; it’s a celebration of community, ecology and gastronomy. Immerse yourself in the art of sailing, forge connections through communal living, savor the richness of local flavors as we visit producers and indulge in the authenticity of Greek hospitality. Relax on deserted beaches, escaping the hustle of mass tourism, and travel through time on ancient sea trails, creating memories that transcend the ordinary. During the journey, local products will be loaded and unloaded, and you will experience first hand the importance of sustainable ecological sea transportation. Welcome aboard a voyage where you will create memories for life.